Domestic violence in the NFL – Ray Rice

Raymell Mourice Rice, or as you probably know him: “Ray” Rice. Second round draft pick of the Baltimore Ravens where he was the starting running back for 8 seasons and one of the better running backs in the National Football League at the time.

We all know his story but if for some odd reason you aren’t familiar, here is a very brief recap – a video surfaced of Ray rice dragging his then fiancé out of an elevator (she was clearly unconscious). The league put Rice on suspension for a whopping 2 games.

Why is she unconscious? What happened inside that elevator? Don’t you worry, that question was answered when the video from inside the elevator came out. Rice knocked his fiancé out, with one punch to the face.

If this isn’t a crisis situation to a player, team, or even league then I don’t know what is. (Mind you there have been several domestic violence cases in the NFL, maybe the reason views go down every year). The Ravens organization did the only thing they could really do at this point, they dropped Rice. He is likely to never play in the NFL again.

Rice on the other hand has taken a different approach to his situation. Unlike Greg Hardy and Ray McDonalds (two other NFL players convicted of Domestic Violence), Rice has decided to own up to domestic violence incident and is adamant about talking about it.

Rice has already done this for rookie players on the Baltimore organization and hopes to continue this journey of mentoring young players; in hopes that they don’t make the same mistakes as he did.

If you have seen these videos, I’m sure you agree with me when I say those videos were very hard to watch. Personally I completely lost all interest or admiration for Ray Rice; as I am sure many other people did as well. I do however think that what he is doing to help others is a good route to take in attempts of gaining back at least a little bit of respect.



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