Mr. Moreno

In today’s world it is not out of the ordinary for kids in their 20’s to be stressed about the future. What am I gonna do after college? Where am I going to work? How long am I going to work there? ETC.

Today in class, director of research and content manager for Central Washington University, Rich Moreno came and spoke.”..It doesn’t have to be scary, you just ride the wave and go where you go” Moreno said. This really spoke to me, as he has had multiple jobs over his vast career.

Am I nervous about the future? – absolutely. As are a lot of my peers, but hearing those words from Rich Moreno was almost comforting in a sense. Its always nice to hear things like that from someone who has been in your shoes in somewhat the same profession that you hope to be in someday. Jobs and life in general are going to take me places that I haven’t even thought of before but I think going into it knowing  this, and being ok with “riding the wave” is crucial.

Better get my surfboard ready.

I really enjoyed the information that Moreno shared with this class. He said something else that was insightful and kind of ties into his quote about riding the wave. Moreno said, “The reason I give you this long story is because the chances of you working at one company for thirty years is probably 0, you need to be quick on your feet.”  I feel as though I have heard this a lot over the last couple of years and I’m not sure how I feel about it. I do understand that MAYBE your first job out of college won’t be you your last, but I can also understand if you get a great job that you like, that it very well could be the only job you do.  Of course the profession you choose also plays a huge role in this as well.

It was a very insightful talk, and really made me think about the future.






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