Loofa Face Trump

If I have learned anything throughout Trumps short term in offices so far (and even before), its that this man likes to tweet…A LOT. It seems to me that he tweets just about anything that comes to his head. While I think that some (most) of the things he tweets no president should be tweeting, clearly its something I need to get used to seeing.

I can’t imagine the amount of times people tweet at President Trump, whether it be positive things or negative things. But what about when the Senator of Pennsylvania tweets at our Commander and chief and says some not so nice things?

Well it happened, and if I do say so myself it was amazing.

Pa. Sen. Darlin Leach championed the legalization of marijuana in the state of Pennsylvania and spoke in defense of woman abortions right in an emotional debate. But it wasn’t until his tweet at Trump that the Sen. went viral.

The tweet came after Trump joked about destroying Leach’s career. Leach respondedgibbon via twitter saying; “Hey @realDonaldTrump I oppose civil asset foreiture too! Why don’t you try and destroy my career you fascist, loofa-faced, shit-gibbon!”

Legendary, absolutely legendary in my book. He called the most powerful man in out country LOOFA-FACED, I love it.

One would think bad things would be sure to follow Sen. Leach after this, but not the case. Sure he received a few calls from any trump supporters, but Leach’s press aid, Steve Hoenstine said “90 percent” of the calls were, ’Hey, I’m from Denver,’ or ‘Hey, I’m from Boise,’ or ‘Hey, I’m from Alaska — I saw what Daylin said and I appreciate it.’”

How cool is that? Something that could have been a PR nightmare all worked out in the end favoring Sen. Leach.

If you (like myself) want to follow Sen. Leach after this, his twitter page is here.


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