Jared Vallejo

There is something about these speakers that we have been having in class that leave me thinking about the future and feeling like I just left a motivational speech.  Its a nice feeling. Jared Vallejo was a very humorous man and it made listening to jaredwhat he had to say vary easy.

Jared is the “marketing mastermind” for the Iron Horse Brewery in good old Ellensburg, Washington. He graduated with a degree in theatre, and listening to him speak and the way he expressed himself it made sense. You can tell just by hearing him speak and meeting him that he is good at his job, it was very cool to see.

There were 5 main things that he said that really stuck with me. The first thing was the header of the slide titled ‘SOME THINGS YOU SHOULD IGNORE BECAUSE EXPERIENCE IS BETTER THAN WORDS’ right there should give you a pretty good idea of the type of character that Jared is. And how true is that statement? For me it resonated that the only way I am really going to learn and grow in my career is through experience.

The second thing he said that stuck with me was ‘Read more than your friends and twice as much as your enemies’. Since I can remember my mom has always told me I should read as much as possible. I have not been the best at it I must admit, so this is something I am going to work on in the future, not only does it sharpen the mind but it also is a great way to broaden your vocabulary and learn.

The third thing that resonated with me was ‘FAIL OFTEN. It means your trying’. Personally it was very nice to hear this from someone who is doing pretty well in life. Being scared to fail is something that I feel myself and other kids my age are scared to do. But Jared is right, if you are failing it means you are at least trying. There is however a difference I fell between failing because you are lazy, or not trying and stepping out of your comfort zone and failing with your best foot forward, learning, and trying again.

Jared Vallejo was a very cool guy and his presentation was much different that Rich’s. But I was able to take valuable lessons from both so for that I am thankful.


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