Kevin Ticen

Kevin Ticen is someone that I have an incredible amount of respect for. I first met Kevin when I was 16 years old playing baseball for Lakeside industries, he was one of my coaches.  More than a coach, he was a friend, mentor, and an inspiration. He’s knowledge of the game and life was uncanny. While I played for him he was battling cakevin ticenncer, he never missed a game or practice and gave us everything he had.

Kevin played baseball at the University of Washington where he got a degree in Communications, after this he went to University of Texas and got his masters in sports administration. He then went on to play minor league baseball. He now works for Seattle Sports Commission where he is the director of Marketing and Communications, and coaches the Boys of Summer baseball team in Bellevue Washington.

The reason why I wanted to interview Kevin is because he is someone that knows me and I can relate to in the sense of applying my athletic career and mind state to really any job I have ever had.

The questions I asked Kevin were pretty straight forward, I had originally asked him 4 questions the first two were pretty straight forward; “Where do you work right now and what is your job title?”, and the second one was “what made you choose communications as a major in the first place?”.

The next question I asked Kevin was “I know baseball has and still does play a huge roll in your life, what lessons from playing the sport at such a high level translates to your work and professional life?” His answer was “It has completely shaped the way I think.  Baseball taught me that I could accomplish things I never thought possible so I now see every situation as a puzzle that I can solve rather than getting discouraged sometimes when the path to success is at first difficult!  Baseball also taught me to stay focused on the process and trust that the outcomes will follow.  I use that almost every day.  Most people in the business world chase outcomes and that gets very, very difficult!”

This is the way that I like to look at certain situations I am in, sure I didn’t play as high of a level of baseball as Kevin did, but I was able to play college ball and that was something I never thought would happen. Baseball is also a process, and you have to fall in love with this process and trust the process and know that outcomes will surely follow.

The next question I asked Kevin was “(You’ve already given me so much advice throughout the years) but what life advice would you give me on finding the right career in public relations, and starting life after college?” This is the question I was most excited to get his response from as the real world and life after college are approaching, as well as him being in the same field that I hope to work in as well. Kevin’s response was “Have fun!  You are super talented, intelligent and have a super engaging personality that attracts those around you.  Trust that and be the guy that makes everyone around you better.  See the greatness in people and help them get there.  Be the guy that clears roadblocks for those around you so they, and in turn the team, can flourish rather than using them to clear your roadblocks…and trust me, too many people in the business community don’t understand that last statement.  They aren’t used to team sports where everyone needs to flourish for the team to perform at its highest level.  They get so caught up in their own success that they don’t see how it affects the overall team.  It’s too bad at times, and frustrating at others!  Last…have fun (again)!  It’s a creative, fun career to help people craft their message and tell their story.”

This answer left me speechless to be honest. I think what really stood out to me was the fact that he really emphasized to have fun. This is something that I feel like I try and bring to every workplace I am in. Because for me, at the end of the day we all (coworkers and myself) have a job to do and we might as well be in a positive work environment and get those things done in a fun way.





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